VSee (Telemedicine)

Information and communication technology (ICT) is progressively used in the health sector (E-health), it is used to provide health care in a distance (Telemedicine), to facilitate and increase the accessibility in medical education (E-learning) and to manage patients' information (electronic medical records- EMR).

Minnesota Medical Co., Sudan in partnership with VSee - USA, a leading US telemedicine solutions company provides VSee solutions in Sudan for the first time. VSee provides Video Conferencing and Telehealth Solution to NASA and more than 1000 institutions in the US and globally. VSee is a HIPAA Compliant platform that ensures the confidentiality, privacy and security of your Protected Health Information (PHI).


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MMCSUDAN is Introducing New IT Products (Information and communication technology/ Telemedicine/electronic medical records) to Hospitals, Clinics, NGOs, etc to Improve…

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