Gezira University welcomes the partnership with the Minnesota Medical Company

  • 17/10/2021

The administration of the University of Gezira welcomed the partnership with the “Minnesota Medical Consulting” company, which specializes in the design and construction of health facilities, medical equipment and supplies, hospital management, operations support, education and training, and health information technology solutions.

The university administration considered the necessity of holding a joint meeting between the company and the colleges of the health sector to determine the required needs, and to reach a memorandum of understanding between the two sides, given that the products provided by the company; It can constitute a qualitative addition to the academic work of students, especially rural residence courses and telemedicine, in addition to developing the e-learning aspect by receiving support in the aspect of satellite communication technology..

The University's Board of Deans was; He received an enlightenment from CEO Muhannad Al-Zein and a number of company officials within a delegation that visited the university in the context of establishing an integrated partnership that serves various aspects, and provides technical and technical solutions.

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